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Whether it’s raising money to support recreational or athletic programs, or raising money through the PTA to supplement the education of our children, or perhaps in support of community outreach projects at a place of worship, the need for fundraising is an everyday fact of life. And, the reality is that a relative few individuals perform the majority of the tasks necessary for the success of these projects. Organizing, launching, and managing these campaigns often involves intricate coordination of inventory purchasing and distribution. And, often the most challenging part is the accounting for collections and disbursements of products and services.

Wouldn’t it be great if all you had to do to support your favorite non-profit organization was to do what you do everyday? That is, hire a plumber or a carpet cleaner, or a lawyer, or see a doctor, or perhaps just have your shirt cleaned at the local dry cleaners and have a portion of the money you spend directed to the fundraising project of your choice.

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